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Innovative and Fun Workshops The Learning Connection Has to Offer

PACT test taking strategies: This 3 hour workshop gives participants very successful writing strategies and test taking strategies to assist all students to be successful on the South Carolina state assessment, PACT. These strategies can be applied in any content area and can make a difference for all grade levels 4-12. Each participant will leave with new ways/strategies to incorporate into his/her lessons to help his/her students the following day. If you want to close the achievement gap and improve your students PACT scores, don't miss this workshop.

Curriculum Alignment: When schools/districts ask for curriculum alignment, the participants are taught what it means to align a curriculum and then to aligning the curriculum vertically and then with the state standards. With this alignment, authentic assessment activities and rubrics for assessment are developed by each grade level participating. By aligning the curriculum vertically, teachers know exactly what their students need to master in order to make sure that their students are prepared for the next grade level. Aligning the curriculum to the state standards insures that the grade/school/district involved is meeting expectations of the state. Curriculum Alignment is a MUST if schools expect to become successful and stay successful and helping students to become successful, productive, caring students.

Learning Styles: These sessions help teachers to understand the different types of learners that they have in their classroom. Learning Styles workshops also assist teachers in understanding how to teach to all learners, auditory, visual and kinesthetic/tactile. Teachers learn how to address all learning styles and to develop effective lessons that include all learners.

Differentiated Instruction: This training helps teachers to understand what differentiated instruction is and to then create effective lesson plans that address all learners in the classroom, implement them, adjust, and then reteach differently when necessary. The differentiated instruction training helps teachers address the state standards and helps teachers to use differentiated instruction and a wide variety of best practices to improve learning for all students.

Classroom Management: This workshop helps teachers to understand best practices, ground rules, and effective strategies to deal with all learners in the classroom. Participants are actively engaged in the workshop. The participants leave with a handbook full of effective research-based strategies that work with all grade levels.

Cooperative Learning: This workshop teaches strategies that help teachers know how to use cooperative learning correctly. Many times teachers think they are using cooperative learning in their classrooms, but in reality they are not. Students are working in groups, but it is not cooperative learning, and teachers feel frustrated with students working this way. Come to this workshop to learn how to effectively use cooperative learning in the classroom and have success for students and teachers. Cooperative learning strategies help all students to understand how to work with anyone and to learn in a variety of ways with others.

Authentic Assessment and Rubrics:This workshop assists teachers to understand what authentic assessment is and how to use authentic assessment and rubics effectively in any classroom. Participants will develop authentic assessment activities and rubrics appropriate to the content they teach. The authentic assessments and rubrics will correlate to the state standards that must be mastered in participants classrooms.

Other workshop offerings include but are not limited to the following:
Creative Instructional Strategies -grades 4-12
Effective Writing strategies - for Eng. and non-English teachers
Test-Taking tips and strategies
Multiple Intelligences
Team Building Strategies
Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry - Which are you?
I am a New Teacher! Now What?!!
Other offerings for a school/district
Assessment of school from another set of eyes and next steps
Leadership support, assessment and next steps.

**If you are intersted in having The Learning Connection come to your area and present one of these innovative and fun workshops, please contact Dianne. Dianne@TheLearning-Connection.net

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